Revolt By The Unraveling


The Unraveling are a Calgary based industrial group who have been making a lot of noise in their home town and widespread appeal is just around the corner. The band’s debut, 13 Arcane Hymns establish the band as force a to be reckoned with as the pair delved deep into the souls of humanity. The album touched upon death, dying and rebirth as it a psychoanalytic concept journey that delivered a knockout punch with ease.

Musically, The Unraveling are akin to Tool, NIN and Faith No More, the Unraveling play with tinges of heavy metal with an industrial back drop, but they possess their own unique brand of metal that defies comparisons. Lyrically, Steve Moore creates world in which we can inhabit, if only for a short time. His words are dark and haunting, but he leaves his songs open to interpretation. The duo has been cited as “overflowing with blood thirsty passion.” Their debut was nominated for three Alberta Metal Award in 2010, taking home Best Album Production.

A year later, Moore was diagnosed with cancer which put the band on extended hiatus. Thankfully, he won his battle with the life threatening disease and began to lay down tracks with Gustavo De Beauville for their upcoming sophomore release. One track has been released as a single entitled “Revolt. “.

The single examines the world as a whole and just how petty we as humans can be. Lyrically, the song touches upon such superficial topics such as trophy wives and the worlds obsession with beauty. However, it’s not a one dimensional track as it also deals with senseless war and the poisoning of the environment. No doubt, Moore’s recent bout with cancer has influenced his writing and however gloomy “Revolt” is, it speaks the truths about society and the impacts of the a trivial mindsets that harbors it. Musically, it is a slow-moving burn which features an industrial back drop. Of course, this is only my interpretation of the apocalyptic song and you might have another view and that’s ok.

Watch a video of “Move Forward Until You Are Dead Here”

And listen to “Revolt” Here


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